Winning customer’s trust by delivering on our promise of meeting the agreed expectations every time, first time.

Business Overview

We are dedicated to solving business problems by applying technology-based solutions and services tailored to each client's individual strategic objectives. We strive to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Q-Soft, represents, distributes, installs and supports a portfolio of some of the best product names of the industry.

Q-Soft Divisions

Business Solutions Division

Our services cover:

  • Turnkey software projects
  • Time and material consultancy or contract staffing
  • System Re-engineering
  • Product development
  • Information Technology Consultancy
  • Facilities Management
  • IT Security

Supplies Division

We are one of the major suppliers who participate in major government, semi-government and corporate tenders to supply them with specialized IT related items.

Through out the years, we had built excellent reputation for delivering according to specs, on time and with the right price.

Network Division

Q-Soft Network Division which was established in 1993 has strategically focused on developing and delivering technology services to assist enterprises in managing their networks and infrastructure. This has resulted in Q-Soft establishing industry-leading cable management expertise.

Q-Soft’s business model is a unique approach to performing personalized service, which is based on a proven partnership concept. Each of our business partners is well known within Q-Soft as an independent business entity and along with their team of technical representatives is dedicated to precise clients and their requirements. This Concept promotes an increased sense of pride, passion and loyalty for the quality of work, operations and total client satisfaction throughout the entire service cycle.

Q-Soft is the industry leader in the provisioning of physical layer integration services for both voice and data networks. Q-Soft’s extensive Structured Cabling services portfolio encompasses the entire lifecycle from initial design through to installation, testing, commissioning and management of structured horizontal and vertical LAN cabling systems.

Almost every major installation in Qatar is carried out by Q-Soft, by its in-house personnel and in-house expertise. Its 100% local Qatari company, which doesn’t use any outside expertise, the complete passive network is done by our in-house personnel and we don’t subcontract any work to Electrical Contractors, even the cable pulling is done by Q-Soft, due to our commitment and professionalism we have carried out the most prestigious jobs in Qatar.

Audio Visual

Q-Soft, Leading the way in the design and installation of an Integrated Audio Visual Systems. Q-Soft is one of the leading organization in the design and implementation of Audio Visual Systems in the State of Qatar. Q-Soft offers complete service from design and installation, all the way to maintenance and support.

Our esteemed Client includes Universities, Government, Semi Government (Private, Compounds and Campuses), Blue Chip Corporate Client from Small Business to large Multi-nationals, we can provide and support all your Audio Visual needs.

At Q-Soft-AV; we have over 10 years experience in designing, assembling and commissioning Audio Visual Solutions that works first time every time.

We at Q-Soft are Strong and large enough to handle the Complicated Systems at the same time Small enough to take care what your needs really are.