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Winning customer’s trust by delivering on our promise of meeting the agreed expectations every time, first time.

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Technology is changing the way we think, the way we work and the way we exist. It runs the world we live in, providing all kind of answers to our many different needs. Technology it's slowly paving the path to a new and brighter world. I take great pride in the fact that Q-Soft is part of the new era of modern changes and one of the first companies in Qatar to join this unavoidable progression.

As one of the strongest IT Technology companies in the country - and the region - it is essential for Q-Soft to express it's commitment to excellence in every single area of the business. Hence we realize that a good website it's an indispensible tool in the process, as well as the perfect channel to communicate with our current and future clients. It is my great pleasure to extend you a warm welcome to our new renovated website. We have created a website that represents our vision, goals and strong position in the market. Our site has been built thinking in our costumers' needs and expectations.

Why visiting our website you will have a full spectrum of our services and contribution to technology. We guarantee you a dynamic and unique experience.

Throughout the years we have overcome hurdles through endurance and a consistent approach to mastering the ever – changing technology environment. Q-Soft is creating a positive and lasting impact in the industry through our demonstrated capacity and abilities to run successful projects by finding adequate solutions to all problems presented to us.